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20 de maio de 2019

5 things you can do every day to improve your English

Teacher Raphael Coelho just gave us all 5 tips to improve our english! Check it out!

1. Watch TV series, possibly with English subtitles.

Watch your favorite shows in English daily. The goal is not
to understand every single word you hear. But rather, to get used to the
language spoken by the same people every day. Try watching with
English subtitles, if you can.

2. Talk with native or fluent speakers.

We all know it can be difficult to have a native or a fluent speaker
at your disposal. But, luckly, there are many online services that
can connect you to them!

3. Set daily or weekly goals.

Setting long-term objectives can be too difficult to maintain focus.
However, short-term goals are much easier to accomplish
and can help you stay motivated.

4. Write a few words to describe your day.

Describing your day using short sentences is a great way to practice
your vocabulary. And do not be afraid of making mistakes. Learning from
them is a really effective way to improve your English.

5. Look up words of subjects you are interested in.

Learning a new language is a long, slow and difficult process. Why not
make it easier and more pleasant by focusing on subjects that are
interesting to you? Give it a try!


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